Video Introduction
Video Introduction
Course Details
Course Details

So what is Bid Calling Basics exactly?  It is an online web-based course designed with the new auctioneer in mind.  BCB is the exact blue-print I still use every single day to try to stay on top of my game.  From the new auctioneer to the seasoned veteran Bid Calling Basics has something for everyone.


No more wondering what to practice or how to advance your skills.  This course is laid out in a step by step process that will allow you to learn at your own pace and convenience. 


Your purchase of $99 dollars is a one time fee and includes a lifetime membership and 24 hour a day unlimited access.


Bid Calling Basics is designed to teach you by using audio and visual tools simultaneously.  The course contains several hours of bid calling drills.  Other topics include voice care, intros and wrap-ups, and yep recordings.

BCB also includes over 50 tongue twister drills.  Plus it's packed with a list of over 150 possible filler words and salesmanship phrases.  If that's not enough for you, I have also added several surprise bonus sections.  I also share some of my most valuable tips that I've learned after thirteen years in the business.  This kind of information alone is worth the price of admission!


If you're looking to develop a long term sustainable chant, then this course is for you.  Make no mistake about it, building a quality chant takes time and effort.  Only through "Repetition and Consistency" will you have the opportunity to reach your full potential.  This course will provide you with the solid foundation necessary for future success. 


So what are you waiting for?  Start having fun today and perfect a skill that very few people possess.  You have nothing to lose and everthing to gain!


Remember, I'm here to help you become the best Auctioneer you can be.  We all have to start somewhere and I was in your exact same position only a few years ago.

Check out the "Course Samples" above on this website for a basic idea of the course format. 

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My Story
My Story

Hello and welcome to Troy Hill's Bid Calling Basics.  Thanks for taking the time to learn more about my course.


As they say, everyone has a story.  My story just happens to be a little unusual.  Unusual in the sense that I never thought in a million years I would become a Professional Auctioneer.  Heck, I barely knew what an auctioneer was when I was growing up in Idaho!


My childhood consisted of dreaming about sports and the great outdoors.  I just assumed I would follow in my father's footsteps and become a college athlete and eventually a teacher.  Well I did go on to play college baseball but never did pursue the honorable career of teaching.


Instead I spent a few years working as a child care counselor with troubled youth and eventually moved to Montana to pursue my other passion.  Fly fishing was an activity I had enjoyed since I was a young boy and I always wanted to go fish the legendary waters of Southwest Montana.


After a couple of years of being lucky enough to consistently fish the famous Madison, Beaverhead, and Big Hole rivers it was time to move on.  My girlfriend at the time and now present day wife Heidi, had just finished her nursing degree at Montana Tech. 


I was from Southern Idaho and she was from Eastern Oregon so we decided to move somewhere in between our families.  We chose to settle down in the La Grande, Oregon area because there was a University that would allow me to finish my Sociology degree.


To make a long story short, I finished my Bachelor's degree in 2002.  Still not convinced that social work was my true passion, I continued to look for other possible career paths. 


As fate would have it, I started to attend horse sales with my dad who raises Paint Horses.  I was absolutely clueless to say the least!  Despite being a neophyte, there was just something magical about the auction environment. 


It was hard to explain then and even harder to explain now.  Simply put, it's just special!  The people, the sounds, the memories, they're irreplaceable. 


In my heart I knew I had found my calling in life.  To everyone else it was just another passing moment.  Another rock that I was turning over in pursuit of the "fulfilling job."


Well thirteen years later and hundreds of millions of dollars of merchandise sold at auction, I guess you could say I found my "true passion."  I'm one of the lucky ones, I get to wake up every day and look forward to my job.


So what's your true passion?  What's your dream job?  Maybe right now you're still unsure like I was several years ago.  I urge you to turn over that next rock, maybe this course will be the catalyst to your new life.  Then again, maybe it won't.  But guess what, you'll never know unless you try!

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Why Bid Calling Basics?
Why Bid Calling Basics?

So after reading my story you're probably wondering what in the world inspired me to create this online auctioneering course.  To be honest, without the encouragement of other people such as my wife and a few friends, I probably wouldn't have.


The thought of building a course and "putting it out there" seemed a little scary.  So following my own advice above, I decided to give it a shot and see what happened.  After all, I have spent the last thirteen years of my life trying to perfect my chant!


When I returned home from Auction School in the fall of 2002 I had no idea what I was going to do with my new found skills.  Besides, I was a first generation auctioneer and didn't know one single person in the auction business.  Living in a remote part of Oregon didn't help either.


Without a mentor or any sort of guidance, I decided to start my own auction company.  This would at least allow me the opportunity to sell and get my feet wet.  Starting my own auction company was one of the most painful but smartest things I could have ever done.  Trust me, those first two years were tough in every sense of the word!  As you all know, nothing beats on the job training.


One of the biggest challenges for a new auctioneer is getting time behind the microphone.  I figured since nobody else knew who I was I would be better off creating my own opportunities.


Through this process of trials and tribulations I spent literally thousands of hours working on my bid calling skills.  With very few chances to sell, I knew practicing was my only hope.  Sometimes you only get one chance to work for another auction company.  I wanted to make sure I was prepared if the opportunity ever presented itself.  


So how did I go from hoping for a chance, to making a full time living as a contract auctioneer?  A lot of hard work, patience, and networking.


I have never shared this publicly but in less than two years I became the Oregon Grand Champion Auctioneer and had only sold a total of twelve times.  Probably half of these times were small fundraisers with very few items.  When I competed in my first International Auctioneering Championship I had sold a grand total of eighteen times.


I don't share these facts to boast but to simply show you the power of practice.  That's why I call this course Bid Calling Basics "Practice your way to Success." 


Through the process of practicing I began to develop a system of my own drills and exercises that I would use to help improve my chant.  When you constantly practice and don't get to sell much, it can become very monotenous.  So I continually added new challenges to up the bar.


To my surprise, I had new auctioneers approaching me and asking how I practiced?  I just figured every aspiring auctioneer knew how to practice and improve.  When I would ask them how they were practicing they could never give me any definitive answers. 


After analyzing this information I began to realize the need for a course like BCB.  As I started to share my methods with other auctioneers they began to see some great results.  This was exciting for me and made me feel good that I could help.


The most rewarding part of my auctioneering career so far is the fact that I've been able to help my wife with her chant.  In addition to being a nurse, Heidi is a top notch auctioneer.  In fact, she made history in 2009 by becoming the first female to ever win the Oregon Grand Champion auctioneer contest.  She has also been a finalist in the International Auctioneer Championship.

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Personal Bio
Personal Bio

Professional auctioneer Troy Hill began in the auction industry in 2002 after attending World Wide College of Auctioneering in Mason City, Iowa. After returning home from Auction School, Troy and his wife Heidi established their own Auction Company in Northeast Oregon.

Troy’s love and passion for the auction industry began after attending several horse sales with his father who raises Paint Horses in Northern Idaho.

Troy is a member of both the Oregon Auctioneers Association and the National Auctioneers Association.  He feels that these organizations help to keep him abreast of the changes that occur in this dynamic, fast-paced industry. Troy proudly holds the specialized professional designation, BAS (Benefit Auction Specialist).

In 2004 Troy was crowned the Oregon Grand Champion Auctioneer.  He was also fortunate enough that in the fall of 2006 to be named the Reserve World Rookie Champion in San Diego, California.  In 2008 Troy was awarded the title of Northwest Champion Auctioneer, representing the states of Washington, Idaho, Montana and Oregon.

Along with his bid calling achievements, Troy is also a Licensed Oregon Real Estate Broker and received his Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from Eastern Oregon University.

In his free time Troy enjoys fly fishing, hiking, and spending time at home with his wife on their ten acres. 

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